Knowledge Quest Kids Zone

The Knowledge Quest Kids Zone (KQKZ) is the 2-mile corridor along Walker Avenue that serves as the Knowledge Quest target zone of operation. 

Main Campus 

Located at 590 Jennette, the Main Campus operates as a site for the School-Age Academy, with a capacity to serve 120 students daily in grades Pre-K-12.

Across the street from our Main Campus buildings sits Green Leaf, the 2/3-acre certified USDA-organic urban micro-farm that acts as both a productive farm and an educational tool for Academy students and community stakeholders. 

Gaston Park

Located within the City of Memphis’ Gaston Park Community Center, KQ’s Gaston Park Campus hosts several of our signature programs. The site operates a School-Age Academy and Teenage Academy, serving up to 150 students daily in grades Pre-K through 8th. Gaston Park also serves as the headquarters for the Family Stability initiative.

College PARK 

Located within the College Park Renaissance Center, a building stewarded by Memphis Housing Authority, the KQ College Park campus hosts both of the Extended Learning Academies, as well as the new Universal Parenting Center. At this campus, up to 120 students grades 2-8 gather daily to participate in our premium after school opportunities. The Universal Parenting Place also operates out of this campus, providing free parenting resources to the parents of Shelby County.