Board of Directors

Tim Haberberger

Chairman & Treasurer

LaTonya Burrow


Webb Brewer

Lorenzo Myrick

Sally Nickele

Eraina Schauss

Craig M. Simon

Jerome Wright

Jason Dunn (Emeritus)

Marlon Foster

Executive Director

Founded Knowledge Quest in 1995 immediately after college, with its official opening taking place in 1998. He has performed nonprofit administration and fundraising duties in a professional capacity for over fifteen years. During his youth, Mr. Foster tragically loss his best friend due to street violence. After this tragedy Reverend Foster decided to abandon his corporate aspirations and divested himself in the development of urban children within the community he was raised in—the South Memphis area. In 2005, Reverend Foster founded Christ Quest Community Church, a non-denominational Christian church rooted in social justice and evangelism. Today, Mr. Foster continues to live, work and worship in the South Memphis community and continues to dedicate his life to build the community and the people within it.