Family Stability Center: College Park


Knowledge Quest supports parents as they face the challenges involved in raising children. Knowledge Quest’s Family Stability Center at College Park applies a relationship-based model that works in tandem with existing community resources to mitigate the effects of toxic stress and trauma on childhood development.

The center provides parents with access to professional resources for addressing behavioral challenges at the earliest point in their children’s development. The three primary parent engagement strategies include: parent-centered and family activities; therapeutic groups; and individual counseling sessions with a licensed therapist.

Knowledge Quest offers parents and children a place of emotional, social, and parental support. This is  judgment-free zone where individuals can receive professional counseling with a therapist, information, emotional support, and referrals for family-related issues and concerns, no matter how small — and at no cost.

Knowledge Quest incorporates interactive arts — improvisational theater, music, drum circles, and exercise classes — into some of its stress-reducing, skill-building group sessions through relationships with community partners.

For information about the therapies available, the current schedule of classes and events — or to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a counselor call 901-207-3694